Forest Fire Gelfa.

I know that later this year in school we are create both a Utopia and a Distopia for class. For the most part I dislike this idea because I am sure everyone will have extremely similar concepts for both. The Utopias will be a flurry of chrome buildings with convenient technology, slide walks, advanced computer technology and luxary. Boring. As for the Distopias they will be about class systems and dark gray sky towers which loom above us all. It would be alot of Bladerunner copies.

Never have I thought that either concept was interesting but I realized I could expand upon several other ideas to make something fairly interesting. They will all take place in the Flesh Frozen universe (Yeah the one with the Lepers).

It all starts out where mankind has let go of budgetary restrictions and has finally begun travelling through space. As for Earth no class systems are to be heard of and information storage has been better then ever before. That is until Starship Gelfa (named after a first contact race) is veered off course and falls to Earth starting the largest Forest Fire in history. This fire spreads throughout and destroys the main information date along with many a person.

Many, many years later the only information available about the past comes from the Nazi revival movement library where many alter their appearence and frame of mind and become Arians. As a retaliation many become opposite Arians giving themselves an entirely black appearence. This does not last long when frozen comvicts are risen and tell the tales of the past and mass reconstruction begins. Then begins the whole leper problem.... And you know all about that. Additional info was taken from the human colony Culinaria in the Alpha Centauri system.

It is not the greatest idea but it is better then what my idiotic classmates will ever achieve.




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Get Impressed.

You may have been wondering why for some time now why I have only been writing about Greg Bear and Doctor Who and my hate of Harry Harrison and not the TSC/Impressive Infrastructure. I mean it is the whole point of this little writing site. Well it may suprise you but I have sprucing up the storyline, the scientific content, the aliens and the technology.

First off I finally have a ship design I like and will be comfotable using in stories. They will be of a cylindrical nature with a large ring surrounding the structure as to create gravity (well you knew that). Since these will be ships which travel close to light speed they need protection from very small minor bodies and dust. I took a concept used by Alastair Reynolds and put on the ships a tick caul of ice to protect the outer layer of the ship. The bit that is still unclear is the process which allows the ships to go at that speed. I liked what Alastair Reynolds has done by having each ship have a small wormhole connection to the big bang and collecting Quarck Gluon Plasma from the first 20-30 Nanoseconds of the big bang. But that would be stealing big time and I do not want to do that. And like I have said I do not want RAMJETS!!!!

Secondly I have now 5 short story ideas which follow what Hard SF should be.

The titles include.

1) Falidon's Whistle.
2) Nasal Passages.
3) A History of Glass.
4) Small but something to fear.
5) The Dentist.

Each story combines science into the plot with everything from Astronomy, Relativity, Extremophiles, Plastic Surgery, In-vitro fertilization, Microbial ice moon inhabiting extremophilic bacteria, Body conditioning, Thermodynamics and element consumption.

Of the now 11 races (there were once 12) all have been fully conceptualized and fit into their surroundings. All that is left to do is finish the research and start writing them. You may recall I hoped to have Falidon's Whistle by the end of the month but hat plan has been pushed way, way, way back into the relativily near to not so distant future. But be ready. Hopefully they will be written and formated in such a way it will compare to no other Hard SF or any for that matter.


My fear of Greg Bear.

I have always been afraid of the writing of Greg Bear.
It all started one day when I was talking to my friends dad Neil. We were evaluating his book collection and I noticed he had a lone novel by Greg Bear the title of which I cannot remember. I made mention to him that a few months prior that I had seen Bear at the Seattle Downtown Library where he was talking about the works of Mary Shelley with several other writers of the genre. He informed me that the one Bear book he owned was his only one worth reading for everything else written by him was schlock. Neil had many a bad thing to say about Bear's Foundation novel.

Ever since that day I have been fearful of the work of Greg Bear. I would have gone out to find his "good" book but could not recall the title. However slowly I have found a desire to read his works but have still found it difficult to pick which one to read. Blood Music, The Forge of God, Quantico there were to many to choose from. So it was today that I decided to purchase a used copy of Queen of Angels which is the first of a series dealing with Nanotechnology and a future L.A.

I am hoping it is better then Neil may think. If there is any other Greg Bear work I should read please do tell because I am more than willing to read it.


The Guild.

You may recall I had written about a Hard SF/Interesting Fantasy Writers and Readers Guild in a previous post. Currently I am still trying to essemble a group of both readers and writers. As of right now I believe I could persued at least one individual my friend Anthony who has written a novella/novel (I'm not sure which)called the Andronian Project also known as The Rise of Xxyzen (I believe that is how it may be spelled)which is supposedly much like the work of Arthur C Clark and Greg Benford in the sense that it only takes place in our Solar System. I once also knew a kid who wrote stories about telekenesis (which may not really be SF but cetainly fantasy)in a non fiction voice. At the moment I am plotting a way to get my friend Aidan to start writing his own fantsy because he knows more about the genre then anyone I know and he has some good Ideas if I recall. So if you know any writers of either genre who would like to join please do tell. And make sure to read my new blog which will go into further detail on the project.... A post will be there later tonight.


Star Gazer notices a celestial freak of nature.

As you very well know the hardest part for me about developing the TSC was the atmospheres each of the twenty or so planets would have. I delved deep into research about habitable zones for G2 stars finding them to be about 200 AU, escape velocity, AU's from the star and still I was at a loss. I then stumbled upon a great book called a guide to extraterrestrials which had full detailed information and pictures of ET's used in previous science fiction. What I read was useful but not at first. Each habitat seemed to be earth like only with unpredicatble seasons such as in Poul Andersons FIRE TIME! I was still not feeling well and then made an epiphany. Many a hard SF writer has used an enabling device going as far to use FTL travel and things such as that. But the idea that came to me would both be an enabling device and a plot device. The TSC itself was a celestial freak of neature to start with being that it is three G2 stars lined up in relative close proximity to one another, all support life and now seemingly all of the living planets are slightly if not very O2 based. It may sound fishy but it actually plays into the story as to why Astronomy is so heavily restricted. If O2 atmospheres seem to be the most common and they support life then the univerese is teeming with threatning creatures every which way. Of course this is the view of politicians who are just afraid of what maybe will be out "there". But don't worry not all of the planets are like our own. Three are but that is meant partially as a joke to humans seeing as how we so desperatly are looking for at least one and here they are scattered everywhere. Some of the planets have things like chlorine and all sorts of things. I also made sure to have Gas Giants and dwarf planets and habitable moons (for some anyway).

In other news last night I was waiting on PBS for them to show my favorite episode of Doctor Who The Deadly Assassin but sadly they decided to switch up the line upand insteaqd showed one of my least favorite stories The Brian of Morbius which is just plain embarrasing. But while waiting I came upon the little show Star Gazer which is the one in which an older gentleman sits on the rings of Saturn and tells you what Astronomical events will be occuring soon. What I noticed about him is that he no doubt has a hair piece on. The other thing that was strange was that he was speaking about an ancient roman who was roasted alive and the guy had an enormous smile on his face. But it is cool that on monday from 3 am to dawn Earth will be going through the remnants of a coment and Meteores galore supposedly.



So you know.

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